$ 3,499.00

Chison 8300Vet Ultrasound

High End Performance, Low Cost Chison 8300Vet digital ultrasound gives high end perfomance without breaking your budget. Known for its new imaging technologies such as tissue harmonic imaging, real time dynamic imaging, compound imaging, and VHSI (image optimization software) the 8300Vet will pr...
$ 3,999.00

Chison 9300Vet Ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound for All Animals The Chison 9300Vet is a high quality portable ultrasound for veterinary use at an affordable price. Designed with the latest technology such as THI, it offers premium image quality and is an upgraded model from the 8300Vet. Includes animal software for almos...
$ 3,999.00

KX5000V Laptop Ultrasound

Easy Mobility, Battery Powered The KX5000V is one of the most reliable and affordable vet laptop ultrasounds available. The use of the KX5000V laptop ultrasound machine will assist in immediate diagnosis and allows doctors to make quick decisions for effective treatment. This ultrasound system i...
$ 0.00

Chison Q9V Ultrasound

High Image Quality Color Doppler Q9Vet is the newest color Doppler Ultrasound machine from Chison and is currently one of the best portable color Doppler ultrasound available. Affordable and masterfully designed, it can be used in all examinations! It provides high-performance that offers stunni...


$ 2,499.00

Used Chison 8300Vet Veterinary Ultrasound for Sale

This ultrasound was only used for one hour as a demo model. Chison 8300Vet is the leading ultrasound system in its category. This portable digital B/W veterinary ultrasound system adopts the fully digital beam-former technology. This digital design has greatly improved the image quality and will...
$ 2,999.00

Used EMP-2000V Veterinary Ultrasound

This EMP-2000 Vet ultrasound was only used for a few hours for a demo. EMP-2000 features an advanced veterinary ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system based on full digital image processing techniques. This model offers advanced professional veterinary animal software packages such as: Obstetrics,...
$ 3,999.00

Used EMP-2100vet Veterinary Ultrasound

Extensive Software Package Advanced veterinary ultrasonic diagnostic machine based on full digital technologies, with an extensive professional animal software package such as obstetrics, abdomen, small parts, cardiology for canine, feline, bovine, equine, swine, ovine, etc. Also includes equine...
$ 3,499.00

Used EMP-V9 Ultrasound

Small Size, Quality Imaging EMP V9 by Emperor is a delicate hand-carried veterinary ultrasound system, with exquisite image quality. It provides comprehensive applications and extremely superior adaptability. This model was designed following the growing needs of different clinical applications....
$ 1,999.00

Used KX2600V Ultrasound

This unit is a demo model was used for only 30 minutes. Full 2 year warranty included. The KX2600V is one of the most affordable quality portable ultrasound machines for use with all kinds of animals. The 10" high resolution CRT display with progressive scanning has a standard image quality. How...
$ 2,999.00

Used KX5000V Veterinary Ultrasound

This laptop ultrasound was used only for 30 minutes as a demo model. Looks new, works perfectly, and comes with a full warranty. This is the newest and improved KX5000V that was recently released with an improved power board and better performance then the previous model. The 10.4" high resoluti...
$ 2,499.00

Used KX5100V Large Animals Low Price Vet Ultrasound

This machine was used for two hours as a demo unit. Looks new, has a full 2 year warranty and comes with the original packing. The KX5100V is the best choices for handheld vet ultrasounds with a vet rectal linear probe 5.-7.5 MHz. The probe has 70mm lens which allows you to see the follicles up ...
$ 2,699.00

Used KX5200V Dairy Cow, Mare Ultrasound for Sale

Open box, used for 30 minutes as a demo model. KX5200V has full digital image processing technology, it is one of the best image quality wrist ultrasounds available. Small and compact, it is very practical and easy to use on farms and perfect for rectal examinations. Like all Kaixin models this ...
$ 2,499.00

Used Landwind Neucrystal C30Vet Veterinarian Ultrasound

This used Landwind Neucrystal C30Vet ultrasound was used for only 30 minutes as a demo model and comes with full 2 year warranty.  If you are in need of an ultrasound for large animals, the C30Vet ultrasound is one of the best choices available. With a low cost and perfect image quality, this ve...
$ 2,699.00

Used Landwind Neucrystal C40Vet-Mixed Practice Ultrasound

This ultrasound was used for only 30 minutes as a demo model. The Landwind Neucrystal C40Vet is one of best portable black and white veterinarian ultrasound machines available at a low cost. It is very popular among veterinarians in Europe and has good reviews. The C40Vet includes any probe of y...
$ 3,499.00

Used Landwind Neucrystal P09Vet- Cattle Ultrasound

Used as a demo model for less then one hour. Comes with a full 2 year warranty.  The Landwind Neucrystal P09Vet is an advanced handheld visualization tool to provide veterinarians with point-of-care imaging capabilities. The system has the potential to help redefine the way doctors examine anima...
$ 0.00

Used Mindary DP-50vet Ultrasound

Save Time, Increase Workflow The Mindray DP-50 Vet ultrasound will save time and increase workflow. It provides excellent design for easy use and the confidence of making the proper diagnosis with advanced imaging technology. Available with your choice of probe according to your needs.   ...
$ 0.00

Used Mindray DP-3300Vet Ultrasound

Contact us for the best price! Mindray DP-3300Vet is one of the best selling veterinary ultrasounds with excellent performance. Comes with preloaded veterinary software - including most animals and many languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. Includ...
$ 0.00

Used Mindray DP-6600Vet Ultrasound

Perfect for Multiple Applications This ultrasound has been selling for many years and has excellent customer satisfaction. Perfect for many applications: abdomen, urology, GYN, OB, pediatrics, cardiology, orthopedics, and small parts. The DP-6600V also has a digital beam-former. Advantages: ...
$ 0.00

Used Mindray M5 Vet Ultrasound

Lightweight, Laptop Style The M5 has brilliant, clear color imaging capability and excellent 2D performance. Laptop style and lightweight - only about 13Lbs, it allows for easy functionality making it available for all your diagnostic needs.    Take M5 with you anytime and anywhere! Uniquely,...
$ 1,599.00

Used MSU-1Vet Goat, Pigs, Sheep Ultrasound By Kaixin

This machine was used as a demo model for less than an hour. Among the small ultrasounds with a sector probe, the MSU-1 wrist ultrasound is the most affordable with quality that is similar to other expensive ultrasounds. Includes a sector probe 3.5 MHz and can be detached and exchanged for a dif...
$ 4,999.00

Used SonoScape A6V Ultrasound

This model was used for only 30 minutes as a demo. Comes with one probe of your choice, has a full warranty, and includes carrying case. Sonsoscape A6V is one of the best black and white ultrasounds, specifically for veterinary use, because of its unique rectal probe. Sonoscape A6V is the only m...
$ 12,999.00

Used Sonoscape S2V Ultrasound

Portable Color Doppler System Color doppler ultrasound with veterinary software at a low price. SonoScape S2V is the newest portable color system with friendly practical design and stable performance.  It comes with two probes, micro-convex and linear array and has brilliant image quality. This ...
$ 0.00

Used Sonoscape S6V Ultrasound

Full Function & Portable With outstanding value and image quality, the SonoScape S6V is one of the best portable hand carried veterinary ultrasound machines available. S6V is a full function portable color doppler system and offers animal applications for all kinds of animals. It supports di...
$ 0.00

Used Sonoscape S8V Ultrasound

Premium Veterinarian Ultrasound You cannot get a better ultrasound machine than this. S8V is a premium veterinarian ultrasound and was developed in order to meet the high competition. The SonoScape S8V has what veterinarians need for fast and accurate diagnosis for all kinds of examinations in a...
$ 0.00

Used Sonosite Titan Ultrasound

Battery Operated, Color Doppler This Sonosite Titan digital veterinary ultrasound model has many imaging modes and technologies including: duplex image, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, and velocity based color flow Doppler. The Titan has a fully integrated 8.4" color LCD screen and can operate on batte...
$ 1,899.00

Used WED M1V Ultrasound

Handheld, Sector Probe The WED-M1V is one of the smallest ultrasound scanners available with a sector probe. Produces a clear image, allowing better diagnosis. It is a smart choice for pigs, goats, and sheep. Features: Digital technology 3.5" TFT color LCD Washable Waterproof (Main Unit--...
$ 2,999.00

Used WED-180V Ultrasound

Used only for a few months as a demo model. The WED-180V is a high quality laptop ultrasound with a 12" LCD color screen. It is the same as model WED-380 but model WED-180V has 32 channels and very good image quality. It has a lower price and weighs less at only 6.1kg. Features: Advanced ima...
$ 2,199.00

Used WED-2000AV Ultrasound

This is an open box unit, it was used as a demo for only 30 minutes. Includes full warranty. The WED-2000AV Palm Ultrasound by WELLD features a waterproof sector probe with 3.5-5.0 MHz, while other hand held ultrasounds have a sector probe with 3.5 MHz. The sector probe is easy to change to acco...
$ 2,999.00

Used WED-3000V Ultrasound

Reliable, Affordable, Easy to Use WED-3000V Palm Animal Ultrasound by WELLD is used in veterinary echosonography on large animals all over the world. It is reliable, affordable, and easy to use. The WED 3000V allows instant diagnosis. The use of handheld ultrasound machines assist in immediate d...
$ 2,999.00

Used WED-3100V Ultrasound

This is an opened box unit, it was used for only 15 minutes as a demo model. If you ar looking for a portable, easy to use, handheld ultrasound, the WED-3100V by WELLD is a smart choice for all your dianostic needs. The WED-3100V systems are as efficient as the full-sized bulky ultrasound machin...
$ 2,699.00

Used WED-380V Vet Ultrasound Machine for Sale

This WED-380V ultrasound was used in a demo for only 30 minutes.    Model WED-380V is similar to 32 channel ultrasounds like Chison 8300Vet and Landwind C40V. This model is perfect for equine and bovine reproduction (this is where this model sells the most), but is also good for cat, dog, and sh...
$ 2,499.00

Used WED-9618V Ultrasound

This unit was used only for an hour as a demo model and comes with a full warranty. The WED-9618V is one of the best selling portable veterinarian ultrasounds and has sold for many years in more than 130 countries all over the world. We can say that the WED-9618V went down in history for its qua...


How to Find the Best Used Veterinary Ultrasound Machine?August 08, 2014

Any veterinarian can tell you about the drain of finances caused in buying used ultrasound equipment. This is the reason why many vets, especially those having a tight budget, prefer buying used ultrasound equipment. Purchasing used equipment is beneficial in many ways.

Used ultrasound equipment can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for veterinarians looking to equip their clinic or hospitals. Buying used equipment can help in saving up to 70% from their operating costs. When you are buying the used equipment from a reliable dealer, you can rest assure about the performance and durability of the machine.

The reason why most veterinarians nowadays prefer buying used ultrasound machine is that it allows them to save money since such as a machine is available at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.

When purchasing used ultrasound machine, budget is always an important consideration. You should set a budget for the used ultrasound machine as it will not only help you narrow down your search but also help you to focus on equipment that you can actually afford.

You also need to be very sure about your requirement. It’s only you who can judge the type and size of machine you need for your clinic. If you are buying that used veterinary ultrasound machine from a reputed seller, it is wise to ask for repair commitment and warranty on your purchase. Compromising with the quality for saving some bucks makes no sense at all.

Finally yet importantly, you must check the credentials of the seller or dealer from whom you plan to buy your ultrasound machine. Always go for the one who has a proven record of selling quality machines at affordable rates. Always do proper research before deciding on a seller or dealer.

So, if you are also planning to buy used veterinary ultrasound machine at best prices, you can always count on us. We offer excellent quality ultrasound machines manufactured by some of the top brands.