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Pet Ultrasounds

Choosing a high quality ultrasound for pets, such as dogs and cats, and canine pregnancy is important. At KeeboMed we have a variety of choices to meet your specific needs at the lowest prices!

Our most recommended color doppler ultrasound is the Chison Q5 vet. It has a similar price as the SonoScape S2V, but has better image quality and additional functions not common in other ultrasounds for canines. For example the Q5 features 320GB storage capacity, 2D map & chroma, 16 step panoramic zoom, superior 4D image quality, 4D post processing, and 2D dynamic and gain control. The S2V is still a great choice and produces high quality color imaging, yet does not have these features.   

SonoScape A6 with a micro convex probe 4-9MHz (C612) is also a great choice and has excellent customers reviews for small animal and dog exams.


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