Chison offers a variety of quality veterinary ultrasound machines. Most of these ultrasounds produce black and white images and are very portable. However, Chison also has two color doppler ultrasounds that have veterinary software such as the Q5 and Q6. Chison Q5 and Q6 are also FDA approved for human use in the USA. These can be compared with Sonoscape S2V and S8V. Quality and functions are similar, but the Chison models have lower prices. The Chison 8300 is a popular ultrasound that has been for available for many years with good reviews. It can be used with all kinds of animals due to the different types of probes that it offers.

Most of veterinary ultrasound machines are adapted models of human ultrasound machines which have been configured to meet scanning needs of common domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, and even chipmunks. Buying the right ultrasound machine will depend on two things primarily - your expectation from the machine and your budget.  

If you perform most of your examinations in the clinic rather than in the field, Chison ultrasounds are an excellent choice for you and can make your business more profitable!