WELLD veterinary ultrasound scanners have been sold in the US market for many years and have the reputation for being the most affordable and reliable machines with standard image quality. Veterinarians in more than 150 countries use WED ultrasound machines. WELLD is comparable to ultrasounds from Kaixin, Emperor, Chison, and Landwind.

WELLD ultrasounds are known for being easy to use without extensive training, especially for rectal examinations in large animals. They are a good choice for breeders and veterinarians. WELLD manufactures one of the best palm ultrasounds in large animal reproduction. Models WED-2000 and M1V are very practical for farm animals.

Ultrasounds in the past were considered to be very expensive machines. Today, ultrasounds are affordable and they have became a very important tool in animal care. At KeeboMed we are committed to providing quality WELLD ultrasounds at a low price.