Used Kaixin

Your choice of used demo models of Kaixin ultrasounds are now available at a low cost! Kaixin models are very popular among veterinarians and farmers because of their portability and good image quality. 

For working with large animals, model KX5000V, KX5100V, and KX5200V are very reliable. The KX5200V and MSU-1Vet are small, lightweight, and easy to carry on the wrist or around the neck. It also allows one-hand operation while the other hand can do rectal examinations. The image quality is very good, almost as good as big portable ultrasounds. 

Model KX5000V is the best selling ultrasound among the Kiaxin models, specifically for use in large animals. This model has a large 10" screen and can be used for small animals with a micro-convex probe 5-8MHz. Also this model will provide good results in equine tendon examinations with a linear array probe 6.5/7.5/8.5MHz.

All models come with two batteries which makes the price even lower. The extra battery for some models can be expensive, from $150-$300.