Used SonoScape

SonoScape ultrasounds are known as one of the best choices for veterinarians today. At KeeboMed we have quality used units at discounted prices!

SonoScape veterinary models have excellent satisfaction among the veterinarians in the USA. Brilliant image quality and reasonable prices makes this brand very attractive. SonoScape is one of the world leaders in quality ultrasound manufacturers. When it comes to the image quality, SonoScape ultrasounds can compete with Mindray, Siui, and other leading brand names.

Sonoscape A6V is among the best black and white ultrasounds. Due to the amazing image quality, high probe frequency and deep penetration up to 35cm, it makes this model the best selling vet ultrasound.  The 12" screen is adjustable which prevents headaches and back pains during sonography.
Model S2V is the best color doppler ultrasound available today for a low price.