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Most healthcare professionals across the globe use medical ultrasound imagery to monitor fetal health and internal organs and many other medical conditions. Ultrasonography is one of the most popular diagnostic tools in modern healthcare industry and is used in both veterinary medicine and human medicine. Over the years, many practitioners have started using mobile ultrasound machines for diagnostic purposes, as they are compact, lightweight and highly efficient. Using portable ultrasound systems for a range of clinical procedures has helped doctors make faster and intelligent treatment decisions. These compact machines are usually the size of a laptop, enjoy a good battery life and can be easily carried anywhere with utmost ease. The modern and advanced portable ultrasound systems can run for hours on battery and are great for places where space is a premium. Nowadays, many veterinary doctors are also using these small-sized ultrasound machines for all their veterinary ultrasound needs. 

If you are on a tight budget, these used ultrasounds are just what you need. These machines are as good as brand new, most of them only slightly used for demo purposes. All of the leading brands are available and include a full warranty.