Zoom KeeboTouch 30V - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds
Zoom KeeboTouch 30V - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds
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Zoom KeeboTouch 30V - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds
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KeeboTouch 30V

$ 6,999.00

Introducing the KeeboTouch 30V Color Doppler Ultrasound PW Mode

The newest Touch screen Ultrasound on the market, the 30V is equipped with many useful functions including: information management, body marks, OB tables and specialized measurement packages. 

30V is good for small or mixed animal practices and is exceptional for farm use with Bovine and Equine Classifications.   

The one-touch feature allows for: streamlined exams, quick diagnosis and decisive action in critical situations.   

Fast and with very little downtime, the system is ready to use in 40 seconds.  This simplifies the process and increases productivity. 

This powerful color doppler ultrasound is affordable making it an indispensable part of your practice


  • Main Unit—KeeboTouch 30V
  • Rectal Liner probe
  • 110-240V AC Power Cord
  • Basic User’s Guide
  • 12 months warranty (both for machine and probe) under PRO-SUPPORT


  • DICOM 3.0 support
  • Supported Printer and Video Printer
  • Linear Abdominal Probe
  • Micro-Convex Probe
  • Convex Probe
  • Additional 12 months warranty for ultrasound unit under PRO-SUPPORT


  • 15” LCD Touchscreen Monitor
  • Gray Scale—256
  • B&W Mode— B, M, 2B, B/M, 4B, C, PW, POWER DIR-POWER, THI
  • Transducer Frequency 2-11Mhz
  • Digital Technology
  • Wide Angle imaging
  • Panoramic Imaging/focusing technology
  • Rolling M Technology
  • Frequency Composite
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Scanning Depth—220 mm
  • Image enhancement presets for specific applications
  • Auto-Export--save and/or transfer images taken during exams 

Technical Specification

Mode: B,M,2B,B/M,4B,C,PW, Power,DirPower,THI
Gray sacle: 256
Display: 15”LCD monitor
Touchscreen: Full Touchscreen
Transducer frequency: 2-11Mhz
Digital technology: Wide-angle imaging
Panoramic focusing technology
Compatible with high and low speed blood
Rolling M technology
Panoramic imaging
Frequency composite
Space compound
Real-time Dynamic Aperture
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Scanning depth: 220mm
Imaging Processing

Pre-processing: Cloud processing technology
Fine blood flow imaging ,high sensitive
8-segment TGC
Dynamic range
M Soften
Noise suppression
Post-processing: Image enhancement
Gray-scale Map
Pseudo Color Map
Tissue Specific Imaging
Interface to turn 180°
Left/right reverse
Up/down reverse

Smart touch-screen design Supported
Cine-loop: 341 frame cine loop memory
USB ports: 2
Zoom: Pan zoom for the active image
Amplification: 10 times
THI: Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Qopt: One-key Optimize
Multi language: Supported
Print: Report print for text&graph&image
Measurement & Calculations

B mode: Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length,
distance ratio, area ratio, histogram
M mode: Distance, time, slope, Heart Rate
Software packages: Abdomen,obstetric,Gynecology,Cadiac,Neural and Small Parts

Transducer connector: 3 active transducer connector ports
Peripheral ports: Video,2 USB ports,1 networking port,1 power inlet
Power supply: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz <100VA
Dimensions(main unit): 358mm(W)*366mm(L)*65mm(H)

Packing dimensions : 415mm(W)*435mm(L)*140mm(H)

Net weight: About 3.0kg
Gross weight: About 4.5kg

Multi-frequency probes

3.5 MHz convex probe(R60)
7.5 MHz linear probe(L40)
Vascular,Small Parts

6.5 MHz transvaginal probe(R13)
6.5 MHz micro-convex probe(R15)
Infant Cardiac, Infant Abdomen

5.0 MHz micro-convex probe(R20)
Infant Cardiac, Infant Abdomen

Standard Configurations

Q3 color main unit
15”LCD with high resolution: 1024*768
Two USB ports
One s-video out port
One networking port
One power inlet
One convex probe(3.5M R60)
Three transducer connectors
Plenty of measurement&calculation software packages
18 months warranty since ex-factory date for main unit
12 months warranty since ex-factory date for probes

3.5 MHz convex probe(R60)
7.5 MHz linear probe(L40)
6.5 MHz transvaginal/transrectal probe(R13)
5.0 MHz micro-convex probe(R20)
6.5 MHz micro-convex probe(R15)

2、Power supply:
Built-in Lithium battery power supply system

KeeboTouch 30V - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds

KeeboTouch 30V

$ 6,999.00

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