Zoom KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo | Veterinary Ultrasounds
Zoom  KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo | Veterinary Ultrasounds
Zoom KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo | Veterinary Ultrasounds
Zoom KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo | Veterinary Ultrasounds

KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo

$ 2,999.00

Used Vet Ultrasound with LED Screen & DICOM

This unit was used as a demo only, in like new condition! Model provides great image quality and is one of the most affordable scanners with an LED screen on the market today. It is lightweight, weighing only 10 lbs, which includes the battery and probe. Other ultrasounds that are similar weigh around 20 lbs. The large 10.4" LED screen provides a clear, full screen image that will ensure accurate and timely diagnosis. The rectal probe lens is 70mm and will produce wide images allowing user to see big follicles in larger animals. The KX5600V is the only veterinary ultrasound available that includes DICOM. 


  • Lightweight at only 10 lbs, including battery and probe.  Similar ultrasounds are around 20 lbs.
  • Large 10.4" LED screen, with full screen image.
  • Two standard probe connectors
  • Only veterinary ultrasound with standard DICOM
    • (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol.)
  • Battery included, with 4 hours standard battery life.
  • LED monitor allows outside work in sunlight without a sun shade.
  • Anti-dust and anti-slalsh keyboard is convenient for outside conditions.
  • Affordable price, similar models sell for above $4,999.
  • 70mm rectal probe lens and 70mm wide image. Wide image is good for seeing big follicles in large animals. 


  • 10.4’ high resolution color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle.
  • Adopt ARM7 embedded control system + FPGA signal processing system + well selected ultrasound hardware system, all make the unit more stable. 
  • Menu operation system, with different languages according to requirement including Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese
  • Two probe sockets, auto-identify different optional probe
  • Body marks; 1. General 2. Bovine  3.Canine  4. Equine 5. Feline 6. Cardio 7. Swine
    • Total 27 kinds of body marks indicating probe position
  • Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M
  • Adjustable depth: 10 grades, max depth to 236mm
  • Gain: 0~127dB
  • Contrast: 27~90dB
  • Gray scale: 256
  • 8 steps intelligent TGC
  • 8 kinds pseudo colors
  • Image storage: 4G hard disk to permanently store about 5000 frames images
  • Cine loop: 256 frames
  • Puncture guide function with 2 correctable puncture guiding lines(adjustable angle & position)
  • the gravel software package with real-time position line measurement
  • Normal measurement: Distance, circumference, area (trochoid or ellipse), volume, etc.
  • Cardio measurement: Depth, slope, heart rate, cycle
  • OB measurement including: Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels and sheep and pre-gestational age birth
  • Other measurement: pig’s meat factor measurement
  • OB report function
  • One-key store: concise and practical
  • One-key review: fast, practical image review function
  • One-key Print
  • One-key Transfer the current frozen image to net workstation to complete its image text report and print directly
  • Concise and practical, easy operation. The system includes network workstation to complete data & report management (You don’t need to invest more to buy extra ultrasound working station which is really complicated and waste time)
  • Unique One-key-light keyboard function for black room use
  • Display brightness adjustable
  • Dual TV output: PAL/NTSC, can connect video printer when necessary
  • Power supply: 100-240V~ 1.2-0.6A  frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power supply adaptor output: DC12.8V 3.0A
  • Main unit weight: 4.5kg (without accessories)
  • Main unit dimension: 256×150×326mm (L×W×H)

Main Basic Configuration

  • Main unit 
  • 6.5MHz linear rectal probe  
  • Power supply adaptor 
  • Li-battery: HYLB-1614 11.1V-4400mAh 48.84Wh   
  • Reticle     
  • Two probe sockets
  • DICOM 3.0

Available Probes

  • 4.0MHz Convex Rectal probe
  • 6.5MHz Micro-Convex Probe for small animals
  • 3.5MHz Linear Probe for eye muscle
  • 3.5MHz Convex Probe
  • 7.5MHz Linear Probe

    Other Options

    • Battery charger
    • Trolley
    • Video printer(UP-897MD)
    • Ethernet Switch

    KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo | Veterinary Ultrasounds

    KX5600V Used Ultrasound - Demo

    $ 2,999.00

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