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KX5500V Veterinary Ultrasound - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds
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KX5500V Veterinary Ultrasound - Deals on Veterinary Ultrasounds
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KX5500V Veterinary Ultrasound

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Clear & Precise Ultrasound Imaging

The KX5500V is best used for bovine and large animals, it is portable and convenient making it an excellent ultrasound for busy veterinarians. The KX5500V features an elegant measurement analysis system and efficient data management system ensuring quick diagnosis and increased workflow. The 10.4" high resolution color LCD has high contrast and brightness producing a wide visual image that is clear and precise. Other features include automatic calculation of backfat and lean percentage of swine, 250 GB internal hard drive, two USB ports, and double probe sockets that will automatically identify the probe. The lithuim battery will support up to 3 hours of working time, allowing examinations in the field. A 6.5MHz linear rectal probe is standard and other probes are available according to your diagnostic needs.


  • 10.4" high resolution color LCD, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, LED backlight, image clear and exquisite
  • Menu operation, support 5 customized languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese
  • OB measurement: EDD and GA for Bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine and llama
  • Automatically calculate backfat and lean percentage of swine
  • Back-lit silica gel keyboard, photoelectric trackball and encoder, easy to operate
  • 28 grades depth adjustment under full visual field, maximum display depth is 245mm
  • Eight pseudo colors (incl.B/W)
  • 100 frames permanent image storage, without loss of image when power off
  • 256 frames cine loop, movie clips save and play back available
  • 250GB internal hard disk, save mass images, reports, movie clips, etc
  • Two USB ports, support large capacity U disk
  • DICOM3.0 network port, realizing network transmission easily
  • AC and DC to supply power
  • Lithium battery and battery management module - 3 hours of working time
  • ARM9 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing systems and specially selected ultrasonic hardware system, making the machine safer and more reliable
  • Double probe sockets, automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes
  • Net weight: 8.5kg
  • Main unit size: 400x186x385mm(length x width x height)

Standard Configuration

  • Main unit: 1 pc.
  • Double probe sockets, automatically identify probe
  • 6.5MHz linear rectal probe: 1 pc.
  • Lithium battery: 1pc.


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