RKU-10 Video

The RKU-10 is quite unique in the field of handheld portable ultrasounds.  Convenient for working with farm animals and quite affordable, this unit has some great features.  Especially suited for Bovine and Equine Pregnancy and Fertility exams, the adaptability of this ultrasound exceptional. Can be handheld by both right-handed and left-handed individuals and/or can be worn around the waist, hanging off your chest or back utilizing the provided strap. In addition, the RKU-10 comes standard with a splash-proof and dust-proof removable cover protecting your investment while allowing you to work closely with animals in the field.  The 5.7" color LED screen boasts wide visuals and comes with a sunshine cover for use in harsh sunlit conditions.  With 6 probe choices, long lasting battery and multiple software packages, the RKU-10 is truly portable and adaptable to your practice needs.