Types of Ultrasound Machines Available in the Market

Ultrasound machines have revolutionized the medical world proving to be helpful in diagnosing diseases. Ultrasonic waves are sent through the body to obtain image which helps doctors to cure diseases. It does not produce any ionizing radiation therefore considered very safe for human/animal use.

Ultrasound machines are used to diagnose animals with injuries and other diseases. Reproductive work is also conducted by breeders by detecting pregnancy and health of unborn calves. It is also used by cattle industry to improve animal health.

Sonograms are created by ultrasound machines which produce high frequency sound waves. These waves bounce on organs, tissues, veins, etc. creating echoes, which are turned into images by the machine and can be seen on monitors. Ultrasound machines are mostly used in cardiology, endocrinology and obstetrics etc. Different types of ultrasound machines are available in the market depending upon the usage. Few of them are:

Color Doppler ultrasound machines: These are used to produce color images, which are helpful in understanding the flow of blood. A 2D image is produced that depicts blood moving in veins and arteries. Development of fetus inside womb, flow of blood in cervical carotid arteries and vertebral arteries are measured with color doppler machines.

Portable ultrasound machines: These are used by doctors and veterinarians in situations where immediate diagnose is required as it is possible to take them anywhere. It is difficult to bring large animals into veterinary hospitals, but with the help of portable machines, they are checked on field.

Hand-held ultrasound machine: The biggest advantage with this version of ultrasound machine is mobility. Farmers and breeders use these machines to examine cattle, equine and bovine as it does not require a power cord. The image quality is good, though the size is small. It is mostly used for reproductive work.

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