How to Take Care of Your Dog?

He leaps ahead, leading you, barking at the stray members of the same community, as happy as anyone could be. Contradictorily, when you say, "No, you are not going out with us," he slumps on the floor, drops his ears and looks at you with utter despair. Nothing can either be as happy as a dog and as dismayed as a dog.

If you have a dog at home, it is your responsibility to take care of him and fulfill all his needs. Caring for your dog is just another way of saying that you acknowledge all the love and loyalty he has for you. Below are some tips on how you can take care of your dog:
  • Make sure that your dog gets a balanced nutritional diet. You can also seek the expert advice of your veterinarian to prepare a perfect diet plan for your dog. Apart from this, make sure that he gets enough clean water.
  • Train your dog on the basic commands like sit, stand and off. If you are facing any difficulty, take him to an obedience class. No matter what is the age of your dog, it is never too late for proper grooming. A dog that is trained properly is less likely to bite or harm.
  • Just like you, your dog needs regular play and exercise. Spend some time with him to make him feel wanted. Take him out for a walk or dog run every evening.
  • Always leash your dog when he is outside the house. Don't forget to tie a tag on his neck with your phone number. You can also implant a microchip under your dog's skin. This will be very useful in case he gets lost.
  • Pay more attention to the needs of your dog. He needs you and your time to remain happy and healthy.
  • You can also give your dog something safe to chew on like rawhide bones or sturdy toys.
  • Schedule regular appointments with a veterinarian. Make sure that your dog is vaccinated in time.

In case you find any change in the behavior of your dog don't delay in taking him to a veterinarian. Vet clinics use high quality ultrasound machine for dogs to diagnose any problem that your dog might be facing. You can also schedule an annual checkup for your dog and ensure he is healthy and well.