The Various Uses of Ultrasound Technology

Although ultrasound scans are popularly used to have a close look at unborn babies during pregnancy, these machines have several other uses as well. Given below are few of the uses of ultrasounds:
  • Ultrasound scan captures the picture of vital organs and gives granular details. It is used to show tumors in more detail. Physicians also use ultrasounds to know the condition of organs. For eg., while diagnosing liver diseases, doctors need detailed pictures of the organ. Ultrasound waves are also known for breaking down a host of tumor, Gallstones and kidney stones.
  • Yet another vital area which depends on ultrasound technology is liposuction. Liposuction is the procedure to remove the unwanted fats from a particular area and tone it. Liposuction makes the use of a small device, called a cannula that removes the excess fat. Ultrasound waves are accompanied with the cannulas during operations. These waves liquefy the fat, which in turn makes it easier to remove the fats.
  • Dentists also use ultrasound technology in a number of tasks. Ultrasound waves are used to remove plaque and stains from the teeth. Most dentists are using this method as a preferred choice for cleaning the teeth. Ultrasound technology is also used for bone formation. By exposing the bones to high frequency ultrasound waves, doctors enable them to grow back faster.

Not to forget the uses of ultrasound scanning in providing a picture of the unborn baby to pregnant mothers. As mentioned above, ultrasound waves can be used to help bones regrow clean teeth and break up tumors and gallstones in the body. We offer small animal diagnostic ultrasound machine, ultrasound machines for farm animals, fish and reptiles and many more. We have a variety of choices to meet your specific needs at the lowest prices.