When is a veterinary ultrasound used?

Unlike humans, animals cannot communicate their pain and this is where veterinary ultrasound is used to monitor their health and to keep a check on their condition. For example a veterinary ultrasound can be used to examine and asses the health of a pregnant dog or to monitor the cardiovascular system of large animals (like horses and cows etc.). Just like humans, ultrasound technology can also be used to check any improper functioning of the liver and kidney in animals. Most veterinarian use ultrasound machines to examine any suspicious masses and other findings which might not be visible in a manual examination.

Talking further the veterinary ultrasound is a painless procedure and the animal generally does not need to be sedated before the examination. During the process of ultrasound an expert technician or a veterinary doctor is always present there to calm the animal so that they can complete the examination properly. In general a veterinary ultrasound process can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the reason for the examination and the type of animal.

Different types of veterinary ultrasound machines

3 types of vet ultrasound machines for sale are available in the market these days. They are:

  1. Handheld machine – Handheld ultrasound machines are very easy in handling. They can be carried anywhere and are very useful for checking many animals in a short span of time.
  2. Portable machines – Portable ultrasound machines are more affordable than handheld machines. The image quality of portable machines is also better than the handheld machines. They are also very reliable and can be used for at least 10-15 years.
  3. Color Doppler – A color doppler vet ultrasound machine is used for animals like rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits and other small and medium sized-animals. It is used for examining organs like heart, abdomen and superficial organs.