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Bovine Ultrasound Machines

We have the best deals on Bovine Ultrasound Machines!

Our bovine ultrasound machines come with rectal probes that have a long lens of 60-70mm, perfect to see the largest follicles.


What is the Most Recommended Model for Exams and Pregnancy Detection?

The SonoScape E1V Ultrasound is the most recommended ultrasound for large animals such as cattle and mares. One reason is that the main unit of the bovine ultrasound machine produces the best image quality due to its sophisticated main board that has 32 channels. Also, the rectal probe produces images unlike any other ultrasound scanner. It has 128 elements while others have 96, a 70mm lens (the largest among other bovine ultrasound machines), and a 10 foot long cord (most rectal probes have standard cord of 7 feet long). The frequency can also be adjusted according to the needs during scanning, it adjusts from 4.0Mhz up to 16Mhz.

Browse Our Selection Below for the Latest Options and Details

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Brand Name Ultrasounds

At KeeboMed, we offer the best brand names of ultrasounds available today. We have the right machine for you to examine all kinds of animals.

Investing in the right vet tools might seem daunting, but it’s important for the overall growth of your business. Consider the things that are vital to your work environment and needs. Plan everything, do the math and keep yourself updated with everything related to your business.

Vets are the ones that take care of our pets and other animals that we have at home. However, dealing with animals is not as easy as with human patients. Therefore, veterinary doctors need equipment for the smooth flow of their work. Which ultrasound should you buy? Focusing on some important aspects of the ultrasound before buying one will help. Here are some of the important factors that you should consider before purchasing equipment like an ultrasound machine.

The first and the foremost thing is you should know what to buy. You should consider the locality and the equipment that you need in your day-to-day work. Also, keeping in mind your clients’ needs will also help you to invest on the right ultrasound. Too many manufactures in the market offer you variety of equipment at different price ranges. Too many choices can confuse you. It is essential that you do some homework to avoid this situation. Look for equipment that you need and consider factors like usability, storage capacity, software used, and how much time that particular tool will take to deliver your desired results. The more informed you are, the better your decision and purchase will be.   

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By Type

Everyone has different needs when considering ultrasounds. At KeeboMed we are commited to meet those needs by making specific types of ultrasounds available. Handheld ultrasounds are perfect for mobility, allowing quicker examinations in the field. With portable ultrasounds, you will enjoy higher quality imaging and still have the ability to transport it easily. And for those who need the best imaging quality to ensure the easiest and best diagnosis, our color doppler ultrasounds are available at competetive prices.

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Chison offers a variety of quality veterinary ultrasound machines. Most of these ultrasounds produce black and white images and are very portable. However, Chison also has two color doppler ultrasounds that have veterinary software such as the Q5 and Q6. Chison Q5 and Q6 are also FDA approved for human use in the USA. These can be compared with Sonoscape S2V and S8V. Quality and functions are similar, but the Chison models have lower prices. The Chison 8300 is a popular ultrasound that has been for available for many years with good reviews. It can be used with all kinds of animals due to the different types of probes that it offers.

Most of veterinary ultrasound machines are adapted models of human ultrasound machines which have been configured to meet scanning needs of common domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, and even chipmunks. Buying the right ultrasound machine will depend on two things primarily - your expectation from the machine and your budget.  

If you perform most of your examinations in the clinic rather than in the field, Chison ultrasounds are an excellent choice for you and can make your business more profitable!

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Chison SonoEye

The Lightest Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound

The Chison SonoEye is the latest in ultrasound technology. Portable, powerful, affordable, and designed to work on Android devices with a special App. The Chison SonoEye will change everything in your practice. The specialized veterinary software allows the best imaging in all types of animals, large or small. The Chison SonoEye is easy-to use with impressive image quality that will lead to better patient care. Options include: linear rectal, micro convex, convex, phased array, and linear. Perfect option for equine ultrasound exams. Choose your SonoEye today!

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Color Doppler Ultrasounds

Color doppler machines are the latest in ultrasound technology! Known for superior imaging capabilities, these scanners will provide you with the best diagnostic ability, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Color dopplers are available from the leading ultrasonography manufacturers today such as Chison, SonoScape, Kaixin, and Emperor.

At KeeboMed, we offer the best prices for color doppler ultrasounds with a 30 day money back guarantee, place your order today! 

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Equine Ultrasound Scanners

Our Equine ultrasounds are now on sale. Find the best ultrasound for your needs with various options available. We have high quality black & white ultrasounds and color dopplers. One of our best sellers is the SonoScape E1V. Affordable, easy to use, and highly recommended from many satisfied users. Click below for more details.

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Farm Animals

For goats, sheep, and pigs the best selling ultrasounds are sector probe ultrasounds for pregnancy detection. We also offer ultrasounds with an electrical probe that produces better image quality.

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Fish & Reptiles

We have a variety of choices of ultrasound machines best for fish and reptile examinations.

SonoScape A6V is suitable for reptiles such as snakes and lizards. Because of its high frequency linear array probe 5-11 MHz, it is practical for the scanning of snakes, where other ultrasounds cannot be used.

EMP-V9 is perfect for fish examinations, it is fully waterproof and offers excellent image quality.

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High Quality Pet Diagnostic Ultrasounds on Sale

Choosing the Best Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Exams

Choosing a high quality pet ultrasound for dogs and cats is important to ensure the best diagnosis. We make finding an affordable canine pregnancy ultrasound easy with our variety of choices to meet your specific needs at the lowest prices!

What Are Some Popular Choices of Pet Scanners?

Our most recommended color doppler is the Chison Q5 vet. It has a similar price as the SonoScape S2V, but has better image quality and additional functions not common in other scanners for canines. For example the Q5 features 320GB storage capacity, 2D map & chroma, 16 step panoramic zoom, superior 4D image quality, 4D post processing, and 2D dynamic and gain control. The S2V is still a great choice for pet pregnancy checking and produces high quality color imaging, yet does not have these features.   

SonoScape A6V with a micro convex probe 4-9MHz (C612) is also a great choice and has excellent customers reviews for small animal and canine abdominal exams.

See our latest selection of veterinary scanners for pets and other animals below.

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Kaixin ultrasounds are very popular among veterinarians, especially for bovine and equine practices since they are portable and handheld. Are you looking to buy an ultrasound machine to upgrade your professional services but don't know what to choose? Kaixin models will fit your needs and have proven to be very useful in diagnosis, pregnancy checking, parts examination, etc. All Kaixin models have a long 70mm rectal probe which allows the ability to see even the largest ovaries. Only Kaixin ultrasounds have a 2 year warranty for both the probe and main unit.

Performing an accurate ultrasound test at the right time can save lives of sick animals. Often many animals lose their lives because their condition was not diagnosed properly due to the lack of ultrasound diagnostic equipment. In the past, it has been much of a pressing matter in the veterinary world on the significance of using proper ultrasound machines to determine health problems of animals in order to give best medical care.  Now, it is expected that all veterinarians have functional ultrasound machines at their clinics.

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Mixed Practice

These highly versatile veterinary ultrasound machines are well known for use in mixed practices, with the SonoScape A6V being one of the most popular choices. These units are easy to carry, lightweight, and compact.

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At KeeboMed, we offer low prices on portable ultrasounds, starting from $3000. Portable veterinary scanners are a smart choice for quality at a low cost and work with all kind of animals. 

Most of them have a 10" CRT screen, making them lightweight and more convenient for transport, which is very important in animal echosonography. A few models such as SonoScape A6V, Chison ECO-1, and ECO-3 have a 12" LCD screen. Approximate weight of these portable ultrasounds are 20Lbs, the SonoScape A6V is about 10-12 Lbs. Most require electric power except a few models like the SonoScape A6V - standard comes with a rechargeable battery and can operate for 3 hours.

Portable ultrasounds are generally more affordable than handheld ultrasound machines and have a better image quality. They are also very reliable and will last longer, for at least 10-15 years. So if you are in the market for a vet ultrasound and are not in a big need for a handheld machine, a portable ultrasound may be a good choice for you.

KeeboMed offers all kind of portable ultrasounds for all animals and budgets. All our ultrasounds are digital, we do not sell any analog ultrasounds.

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Quality Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Machines On Sale

Chison SonoTouch 30 Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Device

We have the best deals on handheld ultrasounds, perfect for mobile examinations! 

The advantage of handheld ultrasounds versus other machines is their ergonomic design and mobility that allow for many examinations in a short period of time. For equine and bovine examinations, handheld scanners are more convenient since they are easy to move, carry, and do not require a power cord. 

Mobile veterinary ultrasound machines come packed in a nice aluminum case convenient for transport. Although these models are smaller, the image quality is still good and is acceptable for reproductive work - pregnancy diagnosis, follicles and ovaries examination. The high number of elements in the probes makes the scanning image better.

KeeboMed sells new and used mobile veterinary ultrasound scanners

Used devices that are in excellent condition are offered at affordable prices. Discounts are provided on a wide range of scanners. Delivery and shipping service is available on all purchases made over the internet and the equipment is conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Veterinarians, farmers, and breeders can acquire high quality machines from us at huge discounts. If not satisfied, they can be returned within 30 days for a full refund with no questions asked.

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SonoScape Vet ultrasounds are one of the most trusted and popular ultrasounds in the US and all over the world. The sales of Sonoscape ultrasounds are growing globally due to its reasonable price, extremely good image quality, and many new features. SonoScape scanners and machines are designed to be suitable for all kinds of animals and useful for pregnancy testing with its variety of probes starting from 2.5MHz up to 15MHz. Rectal probes for larger animals are also available so that the largest follicles can be easily examined. These ultrasounds are offered at a discounted price from KeeboMed.

Model A6V is not only affordable, but its features are also like the very expensive ultrasounds available. Comparing Model A6V with others, you will find that A6V is top in quality and low in price.

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Ultrasounds for Animals

Large Animal Scanners

These machines are best for bovine and equine examinations. Specific probes are necessary depending on the type of examinations that are perfomed. For rectal exams, a rectal linear probe with a long lens of 60-70mm is important in order to see large follicles. If performing equine tendon examinations, a linear array probe with a higher frequency is recommended.

Small Pet Ultrasounds

We carry a variety of small animal ultrasounds to meet your needs. A quality ultrasound that is perfect for dogs, cats, and other pets is a must for all veterinarians today. These models feature probes that allow for examining minor parts such as, micro convex probes with a high frequency of 5-8MHz, or even up to 10MHz. If a probe's frequency is too low, it will not work well because of its depth, producing a lower quality image. If examining very large dogs, a convex probe is needed.

Mixed Practice Scanners

These are highly adaptable ultrasounds for different animals and include models with probes of all types. Different probes are available depending on the animal and range from a frequency of 2.5MHz up to 10MHz. These machines are lightweight and compact, which allows them to be carried anywhere.

Farm Animal Machines

Ultrasonic diagnostic machines for farm animals such as goats, sheep, and pigs are important for pregnancy detection. These scanners usually include sector probes like the WED-2000 and the MSU-1 models. Portable and handled machines with electrical probes offer better image quality.

Fish & Reptile Exams

If examining fish and reptiles, it is necessary for these machines to be waterproof. Model EMP-V9 is a good choice for such examinations. For reptiles, it's important that the machine has a high frequency probe up to 10MHz.

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Get a used portable ultrasound scanner or refurbished handheld machine online toady at discounted prices from KeeboMed!

Most healthcare professionals across the globe use medical ultrasound imagery to monitor fetal health and internal organs and many other medical conditions. Ultrasonography is one of the most popular diagnostic tools in modern healthcare industry and is used in both veterinary medicine and human medicine. Over the years, many practitioners have started using mobile ultrasound machines for diagnostic purposes, as they are compact, lightweight and highly efficient. Using portable ultrasound systems for a range of clinical procedures has helped doctors make faster and intelligent treatment decisions. These compact machines are usually the size of a laptop, enjoy a good battery life and can be easily carried anywhere with utmost ease. The modern and advanced portable ultrasound systems can run for hours on battery and are great for places where space is a premium. Nowadays, many veterinary doctors are also using these small-sized ultrasound machines for all their veterinary ultrasound needs. 

If you are on a tight budget, these used ultrasounds are just what you need. These machines are as good as brand new, most of them only slightly used for demo purposes. All of the leading brands are available and include a full warranty.

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Used Chison

Chison is one of the most respected manufacturers of ultrasounds. This ultrasound was only used for one hour as a demo model.

Chison 8300Vet is the leading ultrasound system in its category. This portable digital B/W veterinary ultrasound system adopts the fully digital beam-former technology. This digital design has greatly improved the image quality and will improve your diagnosis accuracy and confidence. This ultrasound has 2 probe connectors and will support convex, micro-convex, linear, and rectal probes. All probes are uniquely designed and have a wide range frequency. They can be used on all kinds of animals, according to your needs.

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Used Kaixin

Your choice of used demo models of Kaixin ultrasounds are now available at a low cost! Kaixin models are very popular among veterinarians and farmers because of their portability and good image quality. 

For working with large animals, model KX5000V, KX5100V, and KX5200V are very reliable. The KX5200V and MSU-1Vet are small, lightweight, and easy to carry on the wrist or around the neck. It also allows one-hand operation while the other hand can do rectal examinations. The image quality is very good, almost as good as big portable ultrasounds. 

Model KX5000V is the best selling ultrasound among the Kiaxin models, specifically for use in large animals. This model has a large 10" screen and can be used for small animals with a micro-convex probe 5-8MHz. Also this model will provide good results in equine tendon examinations with a linear array probe 6.5/7.5/8.5MHz.

All models come with two batteries which makes the price even lower. The extra battery for some models can be expensive, from $150-$300.

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Used Landwind

Used Landwind veterinary ultrasounds available from KeeboMed at discounted prices! Landwind veterinary ultrasound equipment is very popular in Europe and in other countries. In the USA, Landwind ultrasounds were released a few years ago and with great results. It has very good customer reviews due to the clear image quality it provides. Landwind uses the latest technologies in image processing like THI and 32 channel technology. Not many vet ultrasounds have these features.X

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Used Mindray

Mindray vet ultrasounds are well known all over the world and these models are the best selling ultrasounds. Mindray models are leaders in their categories because of their quality and reliability. These ultrasounds can even perform in bad conditions. We offer choices of used Mindray veterinary ultrasounds which are good for both small and large animals.

Having the right ultrasound is necessary for any medical practitioner for performing his/her services adequately. Advanced vet ultrasound equipment not only makes the job easier, but it also gives a great professional impression to clients. Purchasing the latest equipment after every upgrade is nearly impossible for veterinarians who are running small scale private clinics. For this reason, we encourage many independent veterinarians to buy second hand equipment to keep up with the competition in veterinary services.

At KeeboMed, only the best quality used ultrasounds are available at affordable prices.

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Used SonoScape

SonoScape ultrasounds are known as one of the best choices for veterinarians today. At KeeboMed we have quality used units at discounted prices!

SonoScape veterinary models have excellent satisfaction among the veterinarians in the USA. Brilliant image quality and reasonable prices makes this brand very attractive. SonoScape is one of the world leaders in quality ultrasound manufacturers. When it comes to the image quality, SonoScape ultrasounds can compete with Mindray, Siui, and other leading brand names.

Sonoscape A6V is among the best black and white ultrasounds. Due to the amazing image quality, high probe frequency and deep penetration up to 35cm, it makes this model the best selling vet ultrasound.  The 12" screen is adjustable which prevents headaches and back pains during sonography.
Model S2V is the best color doppler ultrasound available today for a low price.

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We have many options available for used WELLD ultrasounds. Most of these model were only slightly used for demo purposes. We guarantee you will be just as satisfied as purchasing a new model.

WED veterinary ultrasounds have sold for many years in the US market and have a good reputation among bovine and equine veterinarians, farmers and breeders. WELLD ultrasounds are known for being reliable and can be used for many years without any problems. For example Model WED-9618V is one of the oldest WED models but it is still the most reliable machine. Hundreds have sold in the US market for years without any problems.

Model WED-380V is the newest model and has the features that older Model WED-380 did not have such as 32 Channels technology, USB port for laser printer and USB port for image saving to U disk and transfer to PC. 

WED veterinary ultrasounds are also used by many skilled veterinarians for performing biopsies on pets in order to make sure that the sample is taken from the correct location for further diagnosis. It is great way of monitoring the cardiovascular system of pets. Ultrasound has become the standard diagnostic imaging tool in the animal healthcare industry. Most portable ultrasound machines are compact in size, have excellent image quality, image storage capability, comprehensive software, long life battery, and many other high-end features.

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WELLD veterinary ultrasound scanners have been sold in the US market for many years and have the reputation for being the most affordable and reliable machines with standard image quality. Veterinarians in more than 150 countries use WED ultrasound machines. WELLD is comparable to ultrasounds from Kaixin, Emperor, Chison, and Landwind.

WELLD ultrasounds are known for being easy to use without extensive training, especially for rectal examinations in large animals. They are a good choice for breeders and veterinarians. WELLD manufactures one of the best palm ultrasounds in large animal reproduction. Models WED-2000 and M1V are very practical for farm animals.

Ultrasounds in the past were considered to be very expensive machines. Today, ultrasounds are affordable and they have became a very important tool in animal care. At KeeboMed we are committed to providing quality WELLD ultrasounds at a low price.

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